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Happy Saturday gents!

One of the things that has bugged me about my Sky are the panel gaps. I just spent the last 45 minutes fixing the trunk gap, and I'm happy with the results. I didn't consult anything. It was pretty easy.

I promise it was worse before. This is after a little tooling around with the wrong bolts.

Here are the bolts you should care about. Black one controls front/rear bumper movement (covered by a rubber nipple). Silver one controls up/down movement.

The majority of the fixing was handled by the silver bolt. I adjusted the gap by loosening the silver bolt, covering my crobar in a microfiber cloth, slightly adjusting the bumper up, tightening the bolt, closing the trunk, and checking. I took it slow, just to ensure I didn't cause any undue stress/ cracks.



I think they look a million times better. I wish I would have taken a true before picture (I could stick my finger in easily).

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A crow bar and... just a slight adjustment. Looks good. The Chevy all in one adjustment tool- you
only need this- 3 pound sledge hammer.
Somewhere on here is the PDF file on factory adjustments to your panels on the Kappa.
I have it somewhere on the back up external hard drive from my old laptop.
I used it when mine went into the body shop for a minor repair to the hinge replacement..
The shop manager said his guy used it while adjusting my rear bumper.
He also told me that he has never had a customer bring in extra help for one of his guys.
As I picked up my car from the body shop- there was a blue Solstice sitting next to mine.
Front end had damage. I looked at the shop manager and said- that will need some panel
gap adjustment- you think? He looked at me and smiled. Now we know how to thanks to you.

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