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I'm parting out an '08 Sky Redline, I'm putting the parts on eBay little by little. (I only have two listings on there so far!)

I can tell you easily what I don't have...
No Engine or trans
No rear diff
No brakes
No sheet metal parts (hood, trunk lid, etc.)

What I do have is a whole bunch of other stuff. Let me know if you guys need anything. I also have some brand new spare parts. I have an original Monsoon radio and amp and a USB radio with a black faceplate also that I'll be putting on ebay soon. I think I have a brand new in the box subwoofer also. XM, Airbag and Onstar modules, red and black interior parts, rear spoiler, mirrors, tail lights, BCM, ECM, Centennial Edition Corvette alcantara steering wheel, red and black steering wheel, window motors and regulators, intercoolers, steering column, wiper and turn signal switches, dash parts, complete seats, drivers and passengers airbags, etc.

Here's the two listings I have up so far...

The headlight auction is ending soon, they really are in good shape and already have quality HID's in them.

2007-2009 Saturn Sky Redline HEADLIGHTS (Both left and right!) with LED & HID's! | eBay

Who needs a HPFP? Probably good to have one on hand as a spare! And this one comes with the high pressure line that's supposed to be replaced whenever it's taken off.

Brand New GM High Pressure Fuel Pump AND New Fuel Line!!! | eBay

Are you still unloading this? I have a broken interior door pull and I need the cable.
81 - 83 of 83 Posts