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My baby had it's first oil change today, and so I while the car was on the hoist I was able to take a look at the work on the custom exhaust system recently performed by a non-supporting-vendor and snap these pictures. They are presented here grouped by topics that people have been asking about.

Group 1 - The Dual Outlets
Group 2 - The Pipe
Group 3 - The Muffler
Group 4 - The Hole

The Hole

I don't think any topic in this project has generated as many questions as "the hole" for the second outlet of the dual. This hole was made by the technicians at the non-supporting-vendor, and they did an excellent job. It just looks like it came that way from the factory. I don't know what they used to cut the hole, but the edges are all rounded off and look really nice. (I've seen a hack job on a Solstice dual that looked like a hack job with frayed edges and everything. This looks nothing like that.)

The first photo is of the factory-molded outlet on the right side of the car (outer edge.) You can see the 90-degree bend in the plastic that goes front to back parallel to the exhaust tip. The second photo shows the mirror image of this on the right side of the car. Saturn was nice enough to mold a bit of an edge there, and if you look closely at the as-from-the-factory SKYs you will see that there are some symmetrical raised areas on the left to outline the new hole. These really make it look like it was there all along when the hole is cut. The third photo shows the inside edge of the add-on-hole on the left, looking towards the backup light. The last photo is of the edge over the top of the new tip on the left. The photos don't do a particularly good job of showing the rounded edge, but you sort of get a hint of it.

Also, I was concerned about cutting the left hole and violating the structural integrity of the rear fascia. Also, I was worried that the left hole would not have the 90-degree bend and therefore would look wrong and unmatching. Both of those fears are gone now.

The mounting pins look very secure, and I don't think there's going to be an issue of tearing as there is a reinforcing plate behind the rear valance. You can see it particularly well in Photo #3. This provides a good point of structural integrity for the center mounted portion of the valance. The left edge was already secured to the body behind the wheel, so that wasn't going to be a problem anyway... But it looks just as solid on the left as it does on the right. There is no loose, flappy piece to eventually tear. (NOTE - As I write this I come to the realization that I don't know what it looked like before. If this structure exists on your SKY, then you are golden - and this is what I suspect to be the case. However, this could have been added on by my pals over at the non-supporting-vendor as I have no benchmark for comparison as to what was there originally.) As for the look - you really cannot see any difference left and right. Check out all the pictures - particularly those under "the Dual Outlets." It just looks great.

In fact, when I got to my Saturn dealer, they looked at the duals and after they said, "WOW!" they asked "How did you get your hands on a Red Line valance already?" To me, that said it looked pretty darned good and like it is supposed to look.


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