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Picture Requests! Pls/Thx [Speakers]

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Could someone out ther that already owns a SKY and the upgraded stereo please take a picture of the tweeters, mid-range (door speakers) and subwoofer (behind passenger seat)? I also know that Ernest is posting pics of his CAI when he gets the chance!

Also can someone who does have the upgraded stereo please tell me if the same size compartment is there behind the driver's side seat (picture please) as is behind the passenger side seat? Looking at the possibility of installing two 8" subs if possible!

Thanks in advance... :thumbs:
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I'll take some pics for you tomorrow- the space behind the driver is indented about the same size as the speaker behind the passenger. More pics to come-it's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow, so the top will be dropped:D for plenty of sunshine to light up that area.
Sweet! Thanks usmc just what I was looking for...
Spag has posted some CAI pix on another thread!!
Ernest said:
Spag has posted some CAI pix on another thread!!
Here is a link...
Thanks Spag!!! Not that I was thinking about getting a CAI because I KNOW I am getting one but just wanted to see it installed...
Here ya go-the speaker behind the passenger seat, the smaller one across from it, and the speaker in the door(same size on both doors). Just let me know if there are others you need!:) Over 1000 miles on her now:D


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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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