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Polished wheels?

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Hi all

I got a call my dealer here in IL, and they placed an order for me Thrusday. HWen they did they said that they were abke to get an image with most of what I wanted: Sliver pearl, red Leather, XM, 6 Disc, LSD, but were not abkle to get me the chrome wheels. Instead, they were able to get another option that does not show up anywhere....polished wheels. They claim this is another option, and is about $300 less than the chrome wheels.

Anyoe else heard of this?

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Hi...Yes we have, there are other posts on the forum that gives more info, its a new opt thay Saturn has just added. The wheel is not as shine as the other but the other is in short supply or no supply right now. You still have the after market wheels you can get, go to the sol forum and they have venders and pic of some of the after market wheel they have installed on the Sol...Seal9
Pics of polished aluminum wheels?

Does anyone have pics or is there a website or something where I can find pics of the newly offered polished wheels?
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