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A lil while back I picked up a Blue 2007 GXP with some nice bolt ons
(Tune, 3" Magnaflow Cat Back, Catless DP, K&N Intake, Black 18x8s).

Its a fun peppy lil car, but not to long after my GF tells me she likes the
look of the Sky Better.. I'm hoping the GXP will grow on her, & we keep
it. But since I like to keep her happy (it's not really to hard), come spring
I'll be looking to trade for an AUTO Sky Redline, with equal bolt ons done.
(There's a chance I'll wanna swap catbacks, We like the sound of this one)

My car has currently under 104K miles (Lets Say 105K+/- come spring), I'll be
looking for an even trade for an Equal car (Miles, Condition, Mods). Don't
want Manual. We both drive manual, I would just prefer an Automatic Sky..

Don't offer me some 150K (or more) RedLine for my GXP for an even trade.
If your Redline has more than 10K more than my GXP, expect to add cash.
If your Redline has around 150K but has EQUAL parts as mine, PLUS a LDK
block, Opel Injectors, Aftermarket FMIC, an Upgraded Turbo (with paperwork
or some proof) we can work out an EQUAL Value trade. Not big fans of Yellow.



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