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Hey guys,

New member here.
Hoping you can help me decide on my next DD car. Just looking for some additional insight.
Note: I live in Toronto which sees snow and salt in the winters. I have no issues driving rwd in the winter and I would be getting winter tires.

What I'm hoping to find out is how the body/paint holds up to snow/salt. When I searched this forum for rust, I don't see much complaints except for rust on the hubs and calipers(which doesn't bug me that much), but I'm also guessing that very few of you drive your cars in the winter.
I did find one thread about that scares me a little about GM using non galvanized nuts and bolts as a cost saving measure.
That might be a dealbreaker for me as I wrench on my own cars and I don't like dealing with rusty seized bolts.

Can anyone who actually drives their Sky throw snow/salty conditions shed their experience?

I'm a single guy, working professional, and I don't need a practical car. If I ever need a car with more trunk space/seats, I can borrow one from family/friends
I had a turbocharged Lexus IS300 as my daily driver (325 whp and 313 ft.lbs), which I recently sold because the body was starting to deteriorate.
Looking for a new DD now.

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