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skyredlinegirl said:
Can anyone recommend Saturn dealerships in the Washington DC/MD/VA that I can get an pre-order in..? I stopped at Saturn of Fairfax today..they didn't have a clue and told me to keep checking Saturn website, but that they would have a 1 SKY maybe in the next month that would only** he kept emphasizing only be availale in the showroom??:banghead:

Check out the Saturn dealership in Glen Burnie Maryland. They are taking orders and have been very honest with me through the whole experience. It will definately take some time for delivery. I ordered mine on 6/03 and now was told i can expect delivery by late August or the first week in September. My sales guy did tell me yesterday they were adding a 1,000. to the base Sky. My order contract was not affected. He has called me twice in the last two weeks for two unclaimed Sky's. One was green and the other was black. I still want the silver graphite but would consider a midnight blue if one came in unclaimed. he told me he would call me if this happens. You can call Tres at the dealership. His number is 410-766-1400

Good Luck!
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