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Got a great surprize today.:willy: :willy: :willy: Mark the GM of Santa Rosa called to ask what options I wanted to my RedLine. Then he placed the preliminary order for my RedLine. Order # KFPZ6C, and model ZMG67. He still did not have any pricing info but said he would be in touch as soon as he did. WOW :) I can't beleave that I'm one step closer to joining everyone else who all ready have there SKY's. Time will really start to slow down now.

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Wow! That is great! :cheers:

I got an order number from him today as well. I had to call him though! :D

Redline Order # KFPZ7Q

current as of 17:44 PM EDT

It is currently Midnight Blue, since Blue Stone is not available


6 CD MP3/Monsoon
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:willy: :willy: :willy:
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