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Ok I need some advice here. I am looking for a set of ramps for the front of the car but I'm not real sure on what angle/length I need. My dad has a set of steel ramps that I can't even attempt to use because the front end hits long before the wheel does so unless I modify them they aren't going to work. Do any of you use ramps and if so, what brand/type/length or angle are they?
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Breathing life into this old thread. I don't have any floor stands, but I do have a set of steel ramps. Has anyone lifted the rear of the car with steel ramps? I need access to get the rear valance off and put a new one on...assuming it ever arrives. I'm worried about the front end scraping when the rear is lifted by the ramps.
Thank you for the info! Do you happen to know the two types of retainers used on the valance? I wanted to replace them as long as I'm working on it.
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