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I stopped into my dealer yesterday to make sure I was still "in line" and "on the list". When I placed my order for the Red Line, there was no pricing, but there is now.

My salesman offered me a test drive of a regular Sky with an automatic transmission so we took a quick spin in the owner's black demo. We actually gassed her up, because her low fuel chime made me realize that I did not to push her back to the dealership.

But the real story is that my salesman grabbed my file . . . wow, I am not only on the list, but I have a FILE, I thought. Red Line pricing was documented but I don't even remember the exact numbers. I guess if you have to ask, you can't afford it, right? Besides, my son e-mailed me the PDF of the pricing the other day and the numbers seemed to line up.

I DID get a copy of the OrderWORKBENCH sheet, however. It shows the vehicle configuration as "ZMG67 - Sky Red Line" and it clearly states "The configuration below was created as a Preliminary Order with the following Order Number: KGCBHB".

My salesman said that it appeared that their allocations would increase soon and monthly his general manager takes the allocation and grabs the next names on the list and those customers are called to confirm that there are no changes to their orders and then the orders are placed.

One last piece of information: the OrderWORKBENCH sheet indicates "Current as of 06/17/2006 - 2:13 PM EDT".

And, no, I did not ask WHEN! My birthday is in November and I would be thrilled with that.
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