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Fit a what?

skyfan said:
I have never used the "fix-a-flat" in a can. Does that stuff work?
Don't know how well it works for fixing an actual flat - but I tried to use it to stop a slow leak - was told by my local repair shop that was a bad idea - while I did not get all the detals parts of the problem is that the substance itself does not necessarily coat the inner surface evenly which can result in the balance being off and lead to other problems - also there is a charge to clean out and reseal the tires after you use the fix a flat stuff.

As for repairing nail damage - I had a nail hole repaired at a dealer (honda I think it was) and that repair came undone about three days later - I had the same hole repaired by a local shop on the corner and that held until I replaced the tires (they used a very gooey sticky type of plug whereas the dealer most likely used a dry plug with some adhesive applied to it).
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