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Hi everyone,

Yes, I have been patiently lounging in the waiting room since mid-July, making myself known to the dealer often. I asked the sales manager to notify me when he has an RL in so I can go over and :drool: a bit. Well, I received a call tonight that he has one in. It is green with a tan lid. Anyone here on our forum taking delivery of their new baby in Cerritos, CA? The dealer said it would be on their showroom floor for a couple of days. I can't imagine that, but I guess it happens. Anyway, I will be going there tomorrow to the delivery room to see someone else's newborn!

I asked the sales manager if they were getting any more allocations since production began again, and he said before the shutdown, they were getting 2 base to 1 RL allocations a week. Now they are getting 2 RL's to 1 base. And by the way, he said my car is going to be ordered NEXT THURSDAY :willy: :cheers: :cool: :dthumbs: :woo: :D Can ya tell I'm excited? It just gave me goose bumps! :jester: I guess I will get it by my birthday in January. Ya think???????

Thanks everyone for letting me spout off. I have been seeing so many RL's delivered lately, and have been really excited for those of you. Now it will be my turn.
Thanks for all the support here. Everyone is so nice and helpful. :thumbs:
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