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MidwestSky said:
As it is great to see all of this demand and pure desire I feel I need to add a few things to this thread:
Finally. The statement made by Jill says that they are available because they are available. No reading between the lines, they can and will produce those that are ordered this year. THEY WILL be taken from allocation already existing on the Sky because this is not a seperate vehicle, only an option.

The bottleneck in production is not to make RL's or GXP's, it's the bodywork of the Kappas, may it be the hydroforming, the painting or something other.
GM (not Saturn or Pontiac) has to decide the quotes of Solstice, Sky, GXP, RL and from what time beginning Opel GT. :confused:

Whatever that total 100% maybe - my estimate is between 36,000 and 40,000 units for 2006 calendar year - the share of the single model is more a commercial than a technical decision.

The differences between Sky and RL are limited: the engine, the exhaust, the suspension, the ESC and the tires, see info on

Comparision Sky-SkyRL-spec

Or as a pdf View attachment 2007 Sky-RL_spec.pdf

Besides of the engine that are all deliverer components. It's not a problem of production it could be a problem of planning, see for example the unexpected high demand in chrom wheels.
In sharing the quotes for the models there is no unexpected behaviour of the customer possible because it's a GM decision and will run like planned.

Someone here who knows the planning ?? :cool:
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