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I am a brand new owner of a delicious and super fun 2007 Saturn Sky Base model. Purchased 7/4/2022. Only has 20,000 miles. I’m driving it around as it is fun to drive. Too hot to lower the tip much, at the moment, but it’s fun. My questions for the group are simple. Anything I need to be made aware of ? And 2, a more specific question….how many RPM’s should my car be at when traveling at 65 mph ? I’m easy on the foot but I’m currently getting about 2500-2600 at 65 mph and I am curious to find out if that’s a little high ! Thanks - Jim

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Fantastic looking car. 2500 seems perfectly normal to me. I spend a lot of time up around 75 to 80 at about 2700 to 3 I think. I don't glance down a whole lot, but that's what sticks out in my mind.

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Great looking Sky. Congrats and welcome to the club & forum.
I'm not sure about the Base 2007 model as far as the trans/rear end gearing differences.
Auto or 5 speed? With 20k on the odometer- not much wear & tear on this car.

Our technical owners who have both versions can tell you better about RPM's
at certain speed levels here than I can. On mine at 75mph- I do around 2700/2800.
Cruise control on an interstate run or crushing a country road on the turbo it varies.

MPG has been consistent between 26-28 range. Longer hwy cruise it gets better.
Gas prices are getting better so the weight in my gas tank has gone up also.

Hot temps outside- hot temp readings in the DIC feedback. I reached a high temp
record for my car. 216 after hard run at 80mph plus on the interstate on a 93-degree day.
This is ok sorta normal for our car- they run a bit warmer than other cars do. Turbo models
more so than the base model 194-205 is about the normal range but each car has its own
temp range per owner.

Hot as hell outside. Can't put the top down. Well it is... August. U could get cooked
on the interior surfaces. Think of bacon strips on a hot skillet in the morning.
Sitting in traffic with no air flow to you or the radiator. That's why we humans invented
the A/C unit to cool our temps down. The extra fan speed with the A/C on helps cool the
radiator down some too, but with a turbo the heat factor under the hood is always there.

Enjoy your toy. It is a very fun car to drive, one that has put many smiles on the faces of
our owners on any given day we are out and about. The are many other owners of car models
who are not smiling like we do. That should tell you something about your purchase of the Kappa.
Our car is a limited production run among the many models out there- our community is a close
knit group of owners, as a new member you've entered a special group. You will notice this by all the
attention factor you are experiencing now from other car owners on the roads who don't own a Kappa.
You just don't see a SKY in bright yellow at every stop light or gas station stop.

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