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At the descretion of the moderators, and in an attempt to avoid the use of a ban, a user may be placed "in moderation."

Simply stated, this means that, for some predetermined amount of time (usually 50 or 100 consecutive posts that don't require deletion, rather than a specified time), the member "in moderation" can still participate, but each post must be reviewed by a moderator, supermoderator or administrator prior to it being allowed to show up on the public forum. If the post is not appropriate, it will be deleted or edited as determined by the moderator. The goal, of course, is that none of the moderated posts require editing or deleting.

If it happens, the member will be notified by PM. The posts will be reviewed as a moderator becomes available.

DO NOT re-register under a new username to circumvent being 'in moderation'. Doing so will result in an outright ban.
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