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Occasionally, cross posted information from other discussion boards, information boards, forums and sites arrives here.

Generally, it is good etiquette to post the source of the information, especially if the information or quotes is reposted.

When mentioning the website, you can post a direct link to the material, but NOT to the root URL. Referring to the website by its domain name only (omitting the www and the .com) is acceptable. If your post gets edited, do not take offense.

Competing site is defined as: another site that supports bulletin board or forum discussion regarding the same vehicles as this site (Saturn SKY, Saturn SKY Redline, and even non-Troy Roberts-owned Solstice and Opel GT discussion sites). This definition applies, even if the site is non-profit.

Soliciting membership for competing sites by posting on SkyRoadster is PROHIBITED. Solicitation of membership for other forums is considered ABUSE OF THE COMMUNITY BUILT HERE.

Soliciting membership can be active (go here to this site and join) or passive (by including your domain name or URL and inviting membership in your signature or profile, or hiding links (defined below), or otherwise driving web traffic to the competing site).

Hiding links to competing sites using a buried URL like this example is considered a violation of these rules.

This site does not support cross-forum-promotion programs. Posting a link on another site to this site does not imply a cooperative relationship.

Promotion of non-profit clubs and non-profit sites that do NOT support a discussion forum is acceptable. It is acceptable to refer to blog sites, so long as they do not support a discussion forum and are non-profit.

If members attempt to solicit membership to build other discussion forum membership by repeated posting or hiding links, they are subject to having their posts edited, removed, and/or posting privileges suspended.

Members here must strive to maintain a respectful relationship with other forums, ESPECIALLY competing vehicle forums (examples include: miata forums, S2000 forums, porshe or BMW forums, etc.). While it is interesting to see what competing vehicle forums say about your favorite vehicle(s) or platform, and while it occasionally makes sense to cross-post information from these sites (such as a honda S2000 driver's evaluation of a SKY), DO NOT go over to competing sites to make trouble in an attempt to defend your favorite vehicle.

Doing so is similar to trying to teach a pig to dance - it annoys the pig and all that will happen is you will end up wasting time and getting dirty. We don't need bad blood and forum wars.

Be respectful of competing vehicles (including kappa variants). Discuss differences civilly.
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