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Look for SmallDealer post on GXP allocation.

1. End of production 6/23.
Interesting as they are not changing at the planned July shutdown.
So wouldn't that say that line changes could basically made on the Fly?

2. Start production for 2007 6/26
Would that mean in the three days interum they are just moving 2007 specific parts in to line stations?
Only a three day turn around for upgrading stations while plant is still producing Skys

3. Projected GXP start of production Mid-Aug
Projections probably means we don't know for sure or are not going to release info at this time. Could be sooner could be later, but we don't want to release info now.

4. U.S. Dealerships will be/are recieving June Con information for July allocations, reports include estimates for GXP allocations For month of July.

First off I have no insider information but just using logic and reason using above info, you could make some conclusions.

1. Saturn is now in the GM ordering system so they would recieve Allocation info the same as Pontiac.

2.No one has ever questioned the 2007 designation for Sky released in 2006.
The 2007 Solstice will be released on 06-26. The Sky is on the latter half of 2007 release so would it be possible GM design(thinking-plan) is that The Redline come first as Sky is the first 2007 release in March 2006.

3. If they can change a model year on the fly in three days, wouldn't it be possible to change options and trim levels on the fly at anytime, would it be possible???? I think that is self evident by the schedule for year change over.

4. Is it possible that GM will want to release there hot new GXP+Redline into big market Northern Areas while it is still convertible weather?

Again I don't have a friend of a friend who knows someone at GM to say true or false, but I'm just giving on surface what it looks like. As always take anything posted on forum with a grain of salt as we have all seen the experts fall flat on there inside info more times than anything.
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