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Where, what do you want to eat?

  • Other, fast food, drive through etc.

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We decided to start a new thread to lay out what is the consensus to this point on the Road trip.

The date is Sunday October 8th.

We have folks coming from the Dallas area, Houston, Austin and the San Antonio area. Looks like a good group of Sky's

The San Antonio folks will meet at the Academy at 12 noon and travel to the meeting place.

The Dallas folks will meet up with Mark at HW 281 and Lampasses and take 281 to 306 and then to the meeting place.

I know of two others Sky's that have indicated there intentions to participate; one from Austin and one from Houston. My suggestion from Austin would be south on 35 to the meeting place and from Houston would be I-10 to 46, 46 west to 35 north to the meeting place

We have decided that we would meet at the north end of New Braunfels at the intersection of FM 306 and Interstate HW 35 on the east side of the interstate at 1PM Oct 8th. There is a recently closed restaurant with a big parking lot. We understand that there are folks traveling from multiple locations and are out to enjoy themselves so there is some flexibility in the time.

From the meeting spot we will get some lunch. I would like to get consensus on what type of eating spot you want so I will attempt to start a poll (if I can figure out how to do it) so that we can get consensus.

Depending on where we eat we will drive through Gruene, Tx. (about 2 miles) Greune is a historic Texas town with with a lot of history, movies were shot there and there is a music and wine fest going on this weekend. There will be plenty of folks to give the "wow" factor. We can stop if that's what you want to do.

From Greune we will go to River Road and enjoy a quite, serene drive along the banks of the Guadalupe River. (Sounds like a travel brochure)

From the north end of River road we will drive up to the Canyon Lake Dam for a very good pretty view of Canyon Lake.

From there I am inviting the group up to my house for a stretch of the legs and some beverages (non alcoholic for the drivers and other options for the passengers) before you hit the road back to your Casa. I live about 2 miles from the lake off of River Road on a dead end with very little traffic.

This is what we have so far. Feel free to ask questions, provide additional input, seek clarification etc. This is for everyone's pleasure so we can be flexible, change things etc. based on general consensus.

Look forward to meeting you all.

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Sounds Like A Plan

Everything sounds good to me. Geph & I are finalizing a meeting spot on 35W on the outskirts of Ft. Worth. We are planning to meet up at 7 am and hook 'em to to Mark's in Kileen, at which time Mark assumes command and leads our merry band of SKY's thru Lampasas to 281 and beyond.

Jim & Susan does this sound okay with you? Leaving around that time will allow us enought time to hook up without having to push it. Besides, I am an early morning person anyway:thumbs:

I voted in the food poll but it isn't a issue with me, I am game for anything, whatever the majority wants!!!!:thumbs:

Our intended route is 35S to Temple, 190W to entrance of Ft Hood. Commander Mark takes it from there:D :thumbs:

Looking forward to meeting and cruisin' with all of you!!!!

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What about Salt Lick??:thumbs:
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