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I was driving along on the Southbound Sagtikos last night around 8:00, and I noticed a Sky merging in from the LIE to my right. It cut over in front of me, and once in my headlights, I could see that it was the same as mine! Silver Graphite base model with mudflaps, spoiler, chrome wheels, and a plate starting with DRW.

As we both weaved our way through traffic, I at one point pulled up next to him and gave a wave. It was kinda hard to see, but I think I got a scowl in return. We went our separate ways at the SSP, but I wondered if it was anyone on the forum. I was pretty pumped to finally see another one, but a bit disappointed that it was at the least very similar. Looks like that quad exhaust might have to be installed a bit sooner than I thought!

I didn't put in any forum time to post this last night but was reminded of the encounter tonight as I drove down the same stretch of road today. I kept an eye out, but instead of my nice twin (I'm the evil one!), I saw a Pure Solstice pulled over by the old mental hospital. This is the same parkway where I saw a Solstice on the road for the first time last year, so it seems a bit odd to have both milestones in pretty much the same place considering how much I drive and how rarely I find myself on the Sag!

Anyway, if that was you, drop me a line!
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