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Saturn to get a new Logo?

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Michael Burton, General Motors director for interior design, revealed that "we're playing around with the Saturn logo."

GM designers apparently feel that the current logo's red background doesn't fit Saturn's new upscale image. "Color has a tendency to make things look less premium," said Burton. "So that's a hint at where we may be headed."
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Thank for the info man

Thanks for the info man...the only problem is...


Just found this...

Just found this....looks like they may just be dumping the color and going with a polished look...

I can't see why they would change the actual logo's really different and stand out as it is....pic below::cool:


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They've used a black background in the past...

This isn't a big surprise, but I think the red color is part of the Saturn branding, so I was really glad to see the Sky concept produced with that beautiful red & black interior.

Sure I'm partial to red...

A long while back, for Saturn's anniversary editions, they produced a special badge which had a black background in place of the red background. It was on those cars which all had a special paint color (kind of an odd color anyway) and the other notable feature was that both driver and passenger seats had mesh map pockets. Other than that, it was just a fully optioned SL2.

I do like the brushed look. It is very classy, and I'm with you, I just can't see them dropping the cropped frame line art of the planet Saturn and it's rings....

It's like the arrow in the FedEx logo once you see it, you'll never loose it.
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