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SATURNm Reputation at stake?

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From allI have been reading, it appears to me that there is a lot of inconsistancy between dealers. Makes me wonder if this Saturn debacle(?) might send customers away:brentil: I mean I really think that ASaturn introduced the SKY concept way to soon. They should have waited till it was further along, closer to productiion. Also they should have set guidelines to ALL dealers, I mean fair is fair, 1st one on list should be the first one to order unless HE elects to pass. I was on the list before they had a list,much less a deposit? My GM laughed when I offered him one, said what for, your our oldest and best customer. Now that is the way a dealer should be. Hell, he updates me. Any ideas?

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I think they had to introduce the SKY when they did to prevent the Solstice from stealing all the would-be Sky owners.

Inconsistency between dealers may be intentional...perhaps they wanted to stagger the ordering so that they were not too swamped.

You are still going to buy your Sky and you are going to love it and tell everyone you know to go out and buy one. Are you really going to say..."yeah this is the hottest vehicle on the market right now...but the ordering was not consistent enough for my tastes?"
The inconsistency is simply from the fact that the dealers are all independently owned and operated, and the owners and operators of each dealer do business in different ways.

I am not sure even poor customer service for some initial Sky buyers at select retailers will hurt Saturn's overall image for customer service very much. We are talking a small percentage of buyers here, and the perceived abuses will only hang around at the beginning while supply is lower than demand. It is unfortunate, but probably not that bad in the grand scheme of things.
This is my first dealing with Saturn and so far I'm impressed with the way my dealer has treated me. I agree there will be differences accross the chain, there's good and not so good in all:)
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