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Savannah, GA Previews the Sky

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The 2007 Saturn Sky will be in Savannah,GA for 2 days. They are located on the main road in Savannah, across from the Savannah Mall. It is also located near Hunter Army Air Field (for the military crowd). This might be a good opportunity for the Sol crowd to view the Sky, because they will be in Hilton Head ... which is a very short drive from historic Savannah, GA. An Army friend sent this to me and I am going to see if he will take some pics. :cheers:

Here is the information:

Saturn of Savannah
14080 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419
(912) 920-6500
(888) 568-5713 - Toll Free
November 1st and 2nd 9am -8pm
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Where do I go to find out if a SKY is coming near me?

Is there a list somewhere that tells me where the SKY's next stops will be? I'd love to attend one of these showings, even if it meant I'd have to be "sick" from work one day! :lol:
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