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If you drive a Kappa (Sky, Solstice, Daewoo, OpelGT), we've got the accessory for you! WindRestrictor® brand wind blockers are the number one device in the world for blocking wind and looking good when you're rolling through town with the top down! We're an official General Motors licensee and have many GM associated logos standard. Want to be creative? No problem! Our art team will recreate ANY custom graphic to your exact specifications, then light it up with one of eight colored lights. Not the showy type? Get our tinted/smoked model to keep the hot sun off the back of your head and neck.

Remember though, we're form AND function. Notice a real difference in airflow to your cabin with our wind deflectors. Finally, hear your audio system and personal conversations. Forget about shaking and rattling like other models. Our bracketing system locks your blocker firmly in place. Compare us to the unsightly plastic belts and straps. You and your passenger's safety should come first! Due to our advanced materials, your new car toy won't yellow, crack or easily scratch.

If all of this wasn't enough, we're going to throw in a 10% discount and a free lifetime warranty when you hit the link below. Plus, expect around the clock technical service on our website if you run into any questions or problems. Our installation comes with comprehensive instructions and most can get up and running in about ninety minutes. If you have anything further please don't hesitate to private message me on this site. Thank you for becoming a member of the WindRestrictor® family!

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