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My wife and I were cruising in our roadster on the 401 just east Toronto when I spotted what I initally thought was a Porsche in my rear view mirror.
Only it looked nicer and I thought that it must have been a new model which I wasn't familiar with cause it looked really good.
I slowed up a little and as it got closer, I recognized the Solstice front end.
I let him pass and we waved to each other and gave a thumbs up.
It was a dark blue Solstice and the car looked absolutely smokin hot from all sides (top down, of course).
Even my wife (who not into cars), commented that it was the best looking roadster she'd ever seen.
I think the Solstice is even nicer on the road then at the Auto Show or in the pics.
If the Sky looks as good (and many of us think it'll look better), I'm going to rethink my plans to hold onto my Z4 for another 3 years..
I will wait for the redline as I think the extra horses and dual pipes are worth the wait .
And having a Z4 during the wait ain't exactly making a major sacrifice, eh? :D

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You saw a Solstice in TO... I'm going to have to check out the dealers tomorrow. I'm off to Vegas on Saturday and I may check out the dealers there too. It figures that the Sky is scheduled to be in Vegas in November. :brentil:
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