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Saw my half-sister: Skys and Sols are one happy family

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Today I saw my Solstice half-sister... same color and all, and as I have done to all Sol's I see from my Sky, I honked and waved and they returned the gesture. I love how happy we all are see one another and the waves and smiles between the two Kappa cars.

It also got me thinking about my Sky's family tree... I have come up with this:

The center of the tree: 2007 Saturn Silver Graphite Sky
Parents: 1969 Corvette Stingray (Mom) and 1994 Saturn SC2 (Dad)
Brothers, sisters, and twins: All other Skys
Half Sisters: Sols
God Parents: Dodge Viper and Venom
Cousins: All other Saturns
The friend next door: Nissan 350Z
Weird Uncle (who is always starring at you): Porsche Boxters
Freaky Distant Relative: Geo Metro
The kids nextdoor who want to play: S2000 and his pal G35
The guy who ate all the cake and didn't even bring a gift: Z3 and his wife Z4
Milk Man's Baby: Saturn Curve Concept
Old Grandpa with stories from WW2: MGB
Jealous Ex-girlfriend: Miata

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I like it... Nice story!!!
hahaahha very good read! I like the Freaky Distant Relative... classic!
I love your family tree. Any way you can swap out that red Vette for a 1953 Vette. It really seems more closely matching in size and shape with the Solstice and Sky.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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