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moms car,

I have to ask this question. Have you closely inspected every connection at the ECM? Just a small amount of what I describe as "white chalk" on any terminal, will increase resistance and throw something out of whack.

Remove the ECM and inspect the terminals under magnification. Also inspect the connectors from the wire harness. Clean up anything suspicious. All terminals should look the same. Any terminals that look caulk-white different (or worse) may be the reason for your troubles. If so, also inspect the rubber connector seals. Maybe one is lightly deformed, allowing moisture to get inside. If you find that suspect, remove the seal, clean it up, maybe even boil it to form it back to it's original shape, dry and carefully reinsert it.

I had a Fiero-GT with a bank of 3 cylinders that would shut down at random. A little crusty chalk in an in-line connector was the culprit.
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