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Would you be interested in an AutoX event 6/15 & willing to commit the entry fee?

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Happy New Year All! A few of us (OK Rich Hammond!) contacted the Finger Lakes SCCA chapter about hosting an Autocross Day for us during NASSAM. The site would be at Seneca Army Depot and it is available, but we need 40 participants to make this happen. We also need have a Go-No Go answer to the Local SCCA club by early next week! The Autocross Day would be Saturday, June 15th. This is the day after the banquet. The fee would be $60 for non-SCCA members and $45 for SCCA members. Please note this fee would be non-refundable. To make this work, we would have other cars from the local groups attending also, however, we would like to offer some Kappa only classes so we could compete against ourselves.
Rough event schedule would be as follows:
8:00-9:30 am - Event Check in
9:00 am - Tech open
9:30 am - Novice Coursewalk
10:00 am - 1st Car Off
4:00 pm - last car/site cleanup
All levels are welcome! (I'm a beginner and I can't wait to try it!)
Please indicate below if you would be willing to commit to this event! The poll will be open until Jan 7th. Feel free to ask questions! We may not know the answers yet, but we will do our best until we determine if this is a no or no go!
Thanks to Rich Hammond for contacting the local group, and to Salvador Blumenkron and Mike Martin for helping out so we can offer this to you!
Disclaimer - we are not an official NASSAM 2019 event as it will be run through the local SCCA group, but we do have support of the committee to offer this to you!

**Edit - This poll is posted on the Sol Forum and Facebook. Please only respond to 1 poll. I know a lot of forum names/real names but not all! Just trying to get an accurate count! Thanks!
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