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Hey All-

As I am at 88.8% recovered (minus the bumps in the road)... I am gearing up for the September 9th ride.

Previously discussed, we will all meet at Descanso Gardens at 10am. From there, we will take Angeles Crest Highway all the way to Newcombs for lunch. This ride will be specifically for US. What I mean by this is, we typically do our rides for either "leisure" or "show". That's always a gas (no pun intended). But this ride will be different. I'd like to push the cars a little bit and it's got great wide mountains-side turns. This will be a performance driven ride to see what our cars can do. I will be leading the ride and staying within the speed limit as there is one particular officer "Stout" who is a real stickler on tickets. He's actually quite famous. But I promise it will be a sweet ride.

Because that is the weekend following my 3-year anniversary, we will be completing our ride back down by going through Descanso Gardens for tea in the Japanese Tea House and a walk through the gardens. It's a very beautiful place and I anticipate decent weather. If you've never been, I encourage it.

Attached are links to both Descanso Gardens and Newcombs (a hot spot for sport bikes because of the ride). They have very good food and a full bar.

I'd like to get a head count so let me know if you're interested.

I'm fiending for my next ride.
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