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As some of you may know, I turned down my new RedLine and bought a Corvette. Due to this I have several Sky accessories that I took off my 07 Silver Graphite Sky to reuse them on the new 08. Well, as that didn't happen, I now have these items that I can't use on the Vette so I want to sell them.

I would prefer to sell them as a package, but I'll sell individual items if necessary. I list below what I have and what I paid for them. If someone is interested, just PM me with an offer. As they say, no reasonable offer will be refused.

1. Kappasphere Sky Shield - no scratches - Complete with storage sleeve - $95.99
2. GM Wheel Locks (Factory Option) - $50.00
3. Kappasphere Kapparoo Pouch of front seat storage (extreamely handy) - $50.00
4. Chrome License Plate Frame - Has "Sky" in black letters on it - also has chrome screw caps - $34.99
5. Seat Belt Extenders - Keeps the seatbelt from lodging behind the seat. I found these very helpful. They are metal and slide into the net pouch behind each seat. $39.95
6. Seat Belt Chest Protectors. Red with "Saturn" embroidered in White. They are attached to a seatbelt with velcro. They are about 9" long with about 1/4" of padding. $19.95
7. Locking Gas Cap - GM Factory Option - with two keys - $30.00
8. Stubby Antenna - $14.95

If someone makes me an offer on all of the above, I'll throw in two Red Sky t-shirts (Never worn) they have a full side view of a Silver Pearl Sky across the front, and a Black Baseball cap that has "Sky" embroidered in White on it. This item was worn a few times.

This is an opportunity for some one with a new Sky to get $335.00 worth of accessories for a much lower price.

SOLD to a California Sky owner.

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