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There have been a number of postings on why Sky and Solstice forums ought to combine or remain seperate. I found this interesting as a topic for discussion and it raised heated debate and some consternation among the posters. Here is where something old that has become new again:lol: .
Example: Mustang owners are loyal to their Ponies, the Mercury Cougar owners are also loyal to their Cats. The two groups don't generally share in functions because of these loyalties, the actual configuration of their cars and the fact that lots of the parts are not interchangeable. This being said they do come together at times for events, generally though these events are for the greater good, not to put forth and expound on why one is better than the other.
The personalities of the two groups are also distinct, the Mustangers have massive followings of participants in rallies, charities, public service oriented shows for food drives and a vast number of childrens, battered spouses and other special events. Mercury Cougar clubs do the same albeit there are less of them than Mustangers.
Maybe the true value of forums for each of us will be to drive us to do the good work that car clubs have done for so long. It's all about having fun and doing good things while in the process. I for one can't wait to be a part of something bigger than myself and my own self interest! Don't forget, we are the fortunate ones who have both the where-with-all to seek out a special car and then purchase it. Go and share it with all the gusto and good will you have, it won't be with you when you're gone.

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