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I hope that I'm not breaking any forum rules as I'm not trying to sell my Sky or even sell for a dealer. I'm interested in helping someone else feel as lucky as me and get into their Sky.

That being said, there is a Red Automatic Sky with red and black leather interior available. If you want info, PM me and I'll gladly give you the dealer information. They contacted me because I put myself ona dozen lists in order to get my Sky.

Please keep in mind that a Sky at a dealer in this area isn't going to sit around long, so I'd rather not receive PMs for months. If it's been over a week, please don't PM me on this. I'll get you the info you need.

Disclaimer: I did not see a rule prohibiting me from informing anyone of an available Sky.
Disclaimer, the Second: I am not responsible for what this dealer may want to charge. I didn't ask. Since they've had it a week, you may need to be desperate before contacting them. Maybe not. I don't know either way.
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