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SKY Experience @ Detroit Auto Show

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If you go to the Detroit show, make sure you walk into the big red box/structure behind the midnight blue SKY...there's a really cool SKY display inside. :thumbs: It may get a little crowded, but since you're on this site, it will be worth the wait.
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For those of us NOT GOING to the NAIAS in Detroit, would you be kind enough to tell us what is in there? Also, do you have any pictures of the Midnight Blue SKY? Any other colors on display?? TIA! :cheers:
Thanks S.D.!

That SKY looks great in Midnight Blue (well, if you like that color it does :lol: )

I htink the wife is N-U-T-S for telling me the SKY won't look good in a dark blue. Now if only they had pictures that size in GRAPHITE SILVER to compare...
Sky Blue

How do u order a color without seeing it in person...I am so undecided as to what color to go for/with. The one color nobody wants is white (LOL). Going to the auto show in Washington, DC. I know the silver wil be there. Does anyone know the second color on the Sky will be. They will let u sit in one of the SKYS.

Every green sky that is published looks different. And I am leaning toward the green...but that can change....HELP

Well MarlboroMike, you know from my e-mails back to you in November that I wasn't impressed with the forest green on the SKY that I saw in Atlantic City. Now to each their own, but it didn't do anything for me like the Midnight Blue does.

I will be at the DC auto show as well. I personally like the silver (not too sure about graphite vs pearl) and the yellow. I don't think there is anything wrong with the forest green, but my last convertible was forest green with a tan top.
Sky Dealer said:
Here are a few pics...
Regards,:willy: S.D. :willy:
Very nice, but a little slow loading..try these
Midnight blue is the same colour as the Deep blue Solstice I think. colour code 25u
SKY Box...not dome

The display is a further development of the technology used at NextFest over the summer. No big sky projections on the ceiling as was the case earlier, but the projections of features, etc. on the surface of the vehicle are much more bright and impressive. It's a cool way to get to know what's under the sheet metal.

If I can get some good photos, I'll post/link.

NextFest info in this thread:
I'll have pics of the SKY, Solstice, Solstice GXP, and the 2.0L DI Turbo Engine (which a friend of mine who was at an industry day is on a stand displayed as a cutout model).

If anyone wants pictures of any other vehicles from the show, just speak up. I'll be getting shots of the DCX, GM, Ford Concepts, the 900's, the new MB S-Class AMG, and of course the Roles Royce Phantom.
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