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Sky in SF car show Nov 19-26th

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For those of you in the San Francisco area:

48th annual SF international car show is coming up and they will have a sky there. My local dealer is responsible for manning the booth but I'm hoping they will have someone a little higher up the food chain there so that I have a source to start more rumors here on the forum :willy:

In anycase, there will be a Sky and an Aura on display and of course every other companies cars will be there. Admission is 8$.

more info at ---

Let me know if you plan to be there, I think it would be cool to meet some of you. I work just down the street so I can go down there almost anytime during the week.
Anyone want pics of anything specific?
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Thanks for the heads up. My wife and I saw the red sky this last week and liked it. We may drive up to S.F. to the show to see another color sky hopefully. The I believe Jan 4th is the L.A. Auto show where the sky is supposed to be at also. It's tough picking colors when you've never seen them in person. Semper phi.
Hopefully its not the red one again. They Sky has appeared twice now at my local dealer and both times it was the red one. though I did get to sit in it (funny story by the way- ),
I really want to see the silver.

how far are you from SF?
I was just at the Car Show in Anaheim a couple/few weeks ago, and the West Coast circuit probably has the same car as I saw, which was the silver one. It's great. The only thing is, unlike at my dealership, it'll probably be on a rotating platform. The sucky part about that is, you can't get too terribly close to see the inside and if you step over the railings or try and squeeze in between the big lit up neon sign and the car, they'll bust you (don't ask how I know). But I have to say, although I got closer to the red one at the dealership, I know I don't want it. It says ticket written all over it, it's SO red. It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but the silver says CLASSY all over it and that's the look I'm going for. I wish you luck on getting to the show, I expect to see many pictures... and finally, make sure you check for the GM badging on the side of the door panels. It's little, but it's shiney. If it's not there, then check out the video of the red one at Galpin. You'll see the difference because the one at the dealership was a FINAL, FINAL, whereas the one I saw at the Anaheim Car Show was one of the 5 original prototypes.
I'm excited for you!
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I think appx.350 miles to San Francisco. Hopefully the investment in time will be worth it. My wife likes the red SKY since that's the only one she saw. I'm betting if she sees a silver one, she'll like the silver. Then if she sees the bluestone...God will it ever end.

I might be able to save you some time.
My dealer should know what color it is a day or two before the opening day. I will post it here. If she doesn't know, then on Monday the 21st, I can come on down from work and check it out and post the color that night. I'd hate to see ya drive 350 miles just to see the red one again.
Semper Fi

If we do go it would be for Sat.19 show. With Thanksgiving the next week it'll be too busy by then . I would appreciate a post if you can find out the color of the Sky. Thanks
USMC ...if you could get a picture

... if you could get a picture or 2 of the dash... particularily the instruments ... and A/C - radio controls ... I for one would be envious ... and grateful!
The latest info on SF Intl car show

Just got off the phone with the local Saturn dealer and the best they can do is say that A Sky will be in the show. They will not know the color until Saturday morning (the 19th).

so the best I can do is give them a call on Saturday and post the color.

for those looking for Hotels, check out Club Quarters.

Its nothing fancy but the only thing near affordable and near downtown at the same time. They do not have parking but on a weekend you should be able to find street parking (which is free on weekends) around the hotel. If you are coming in on a weekday, forget about street parking, you will end up in a garage paying 25-35$ a day.

I found 89.00 rooms at club quarters here --

so let me know if you have any questions or need anymore info.

SF car show info---
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PLEASE do post as soon as you know the color USMC.
USMC , The SKY should be set up today for the Saturday show. Maybe your dealor who'll be maning the booth, can pop their head into the show being set up to see what color Sky they'll have in San Francisco.
it turns out that they didn't get to do the setup. another dealership did and they also won't get to man the booth till sunday.

so, plan B--- the president of the dealership is there tonight. I will call tomorrow and have him tell me what color it was.

sorry I couldn't get it sooner for you

The Sky at the SF show is Silver
Any Pics USMC?

Pictures of the sliver Sky? :confused:
I'll take as many as I can. I haven't actually seen it yet. I'm going to the show on Monday after work. My dealer called me this morning to tell me the color so that I could post here on the forum.

I'll let you know in this thread when I have pics posted.
You know, I would like a real good look at the grill area where the license plate would normally be. The only pictures I have seen have been too dark to tell what kind of setup is in there for mounting. California requires a front plate which would take away from the looks...trying to think of some way of hiding it when I want it not to be seen. You know like pulling a little lever or switching a solenoid to retract the darned thing. If you happen to get real close to the front, real close. Close enough to see the little honeycomb mesh that would be perfect...Thank you in advance (hope to see it)
El Deeko

I went to the San Francisco show

I went yesterday to the S.F. show to see the sky and will post separatly from here. Just a heads up.
Good to hear!

Glad it all worked out. Look forward to your post
pics are in!

this is to inform-- Doberman, Bubba, and Eldeeko that I have the pictures from the SF show.

you'll find the links here---
Thanks USMC

Great Pics!
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