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Sky Needs An Owner

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<Contact information removed by moderation staff> and he said that they are on order #7 and I am #12 and waiting on my manual/bluestone and etc BUT that he has a BLACK ONE WITH AN AUTOMATIC COMING IN NEXT WEEK THAT THE OWNER BACKED OUT ON AND IT ISN'T SPOKEN FOR YET, he offered it to me but not what my wife if anyone out there wants it..give him a call.
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Just for future refrence we don't permit the advertisement of non-Supporting Dealers stock.
okay, wasn't trying to support or advertise for anyone. Just trying to let someone know the info that was given to me just on the outside chance that someone that can't get an order in may want one. no harm or toe stepping on intended. And since it wasn't suspose to be allowed, everyone who read that post please strike it from your memory. thankyou
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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