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Here's a little something on the SKY I saw on MSN. It even made the front page on their auto page.

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Cool. It also states the date of the press release...

GM’s press conference on January 9, 2005, for all the details.
Mark you calanders for January 9! (Would they really make the announcement on a Sunday?) I cannot wait to hear more!
Actually I don't think we'll get news Jan 9th. If you look at the NBC Sports link MCEB posted earlier...
At the very bottom is the show schedule.
NAIAS 2005 Dates

Press Preview Days will be held Sunday, Jan. 9, through Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2005. Industry Preview Days will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 12 and Thursday, Jan. 13, 2005. The Charity Preview will be held Friday evening, Jan. 14, 2005. The public is encouraged to call 888-838-7500 to be placed on a wait list for tickets to the 2005 Charity Preview. Public Days are Saturday, Jan. 15, through Sunday, Jan. 23, 2005.
So according to this Jan 9th is Press Preview Day so they can start writing their articles. However since the actual show doesn't start till the 15th, I believe they're not allowed to print their articles till then.
I would think they could publish any fact getting some press out draws in more ticket sales and buzz?
mceb said:
I would think they could publish any fact getting some press out draws in more ticket sales and buzz?
Not if GM has an embargo/NDA on the information till a certain date they want it released. If so the press has to wait.
Generally there is no embargo on intro’s at the press days. However, it doesn’t mean each vehicle will be displayed the first day.

Essentially what happens on the press days is when each automaker gets a chance to assemble the masses of automotive enthusiast and draw the curtains back on its latest and greatest. I am sure you have seen it on the news, when Lutz drove the Solstice out on the floor, Chrysler unveiled the Wrangler Unlimited by driving it up a rock mountain, the Chrysler minivan was intro’d with dancers playing with the Sto-and-go seats. That’s what will be happening, and I am sure some news outlets will have coverage of the Sky introduction on the news the night it is introduced. Now, it could be intro’s on any day over the press days. But I doubt GM would embargo it at that point.

GM could trump that day by showing it a day or two in advance too. They did that last year with the C6 Corvette.
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