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Sky redline???

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Hi everyone...newbie here so may I ask : What is a Sky redline that many are waiting for?
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Sweet a newbie answering a newbie. Like the Ion redline there are as far as i know talk of a supercharged or turbo sky. Heres hope'n.
Rumor: ~250 HP Turbocharged Sky
Even the Pontiac dealers are talking about something like that for the Solstice. They don't have any details though.
Personally, I hope they drop the redline nomenclature. I'm sure somebody can come up with something a lot more catchy.
The Redline, as someone just mentioned, is basically like the ION RL, a much faster car :)

As I said in the past, if I have a fast looking car, I want the performance to back it up. I personally will wait for the RL, I'm mature enough to be able to wait :) I know if I just went and got one now, I'd be kicking myself a year from now when the RL debuts.

I made the same mistake when I bought my PT Cruiser. I ran out to get one, a year later the Turbo's came out. And a car depreciates so much within a year, I couldn't justify getting rid of my non-turbo.
"I made the same mistake when I bought my PT Cruiser. "
Yea, my brother made the same mistake. I do remember one test article
that compared the first PT Cruiser engine to a weak rubber band. No one
has said anything like that about the Solstice. Zero sixty times of 7 1/2 seconds is plenty fast enough to handle traffic. The Austin-Healy 3000
ran almost the exact same times. The MGB was considerable slower, around 9 seconds, as was the Triumph. GM is moving fast on these cars to up the HP
ante. That would never have happened in the old days - it would have to wait for sales to slump - then the power would have been upped - several (or many) years down the road.
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