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Greetings all,

I have been a member of since September 2000. I am also proud owner of a 1991 SC, 1994 SC1 and a 2005 VUE.

In all of the hub-bub surrounding the release of the SKY...and since they are limited production (10K). I was wondering if anyone had thought of doing a SKY Registry?

I have been hard at work over the past two years putting together an S-Series Registry (For those of you who still have S-Series cars).

If anyone would like to see a SKY Registry I could get one started and also create a Blog where I could post info...of course there would be a link to saturnfans and the saturn sky forum :)

Let me know if anyone would like to "add" their SKY to a registry... :thumbs:

If you would like to be included in the Sky Registry...
please forward your information to [email protected]
You don't have to include your entire VIN, but the last 8 digits will help me organize....(ex. 2007 Sky Roadster get the idea. Also include your name, whereabouts you are at in the states, and approx. mileage, and options that you have on your SKY. Please make your email easy to read and informative.)

So let me know if this is something that future SKY owners would like...I would be glad to create this and make it available.....
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