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I was reading on the Solstice forum about the Solstice sales figures and the MX-5 sales figures, does anyone have what the Sky sales figures are through May?

Solstice has sold 9,700
MX-5 has sold 7,900

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cerberus said:
GM Car Deliveries - (United States)

Calendar Year-to-Date : January - May 2006

Solstice : 9700
Sky..... : 1787
Got to be higher than 1787 as more than 3500 have been built by the end of May.

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Kappa vs. MX5 (most sold Roadster worldwide)

For a neutral comparison you have to consider, that the MX5 is a worldwide sold car and the Kappa's only sold in USA(CAN) upto now.
Therefore the total production or the total sellings should also to be in your focus.

Prod (Jan-April) 16,694 - Sales (Jan-April) 16,492 (worldwide)
estimated up to May ~ 20,000 produced - ~ 20,000 sold

Prod (Jan-May) 13,646 - Sales (Jan-May) 11,487 (worldwide = USA/CAN)

Should take a bit of time to catch to most sold Roadster MX5/Miata.

MX5 production former years:

2003 (NB) - 30,106
2004 (NB) - 24,323
2005 (NB/NC) - 29,950
It seems that the 2006 production will exceed 40,000 units.

Wilmington should raise production a little and start export ASAP ... especially to Germany :thumbs:

In Germany Mazda sells ~ 5,000 MX5 per year, ~ 80,000 licensed on the street just now. Should be intresting which allotment the Opel GT can get in that segment next year and whether the MX5 sales go down or not.
The Opel is more expensive because of offering only the turbo here.
MX5 Europe offers two engines: 1.8L-126hp and 2.0L-160hp (+ $ 2,600)

Just another option for GM: if sales were declining in the future they can sell smaller engines to Europe :D
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