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Final announcement. You must cease and desist from posting vehicles for sale, as you are NOT a supporting dealer.

Again, you may send a Private Message to brentil to become one, but you are NOT allowed to sell vehicles on this forum until you do.

This is unfair to the dealers that are or may in the future become supporting dealers.

Commercial Posting said:
Supporting vendors pay for the considerable bandwidth charges incurred by the Forum in exchange for the right to use the Forum to market and promote their goods and/or services.

Their payments mean that the Forum is free to the rest of us.

Forum members are allowed to post For Sale threads to sell their own Saturn Sky or parts their have bought for use on their own Saturn Sky, but they must not use the Forum to promote sales/services beyond that.

The Forum does not prohibit occasional and casual mention of non-supporting vendors. But those mentions cannot be so specific that they include addresses, phone numbers, sales contact names, e-mail addresses, URLs or links. And if the "casual" references become frequent, they will be considered as marketing and promotion.

You cannot, for instance, make a post telling other Forum members to buy their new Saturn Sky from dealer XYZ when XYZ is a non-supporting dealer.

If, however, you post a thread about a new Saturn Sky you have purchased and the thrust of the post is about the Saturn Sky, it would not be inappropriate to mention in the post that you were pleased by your dealings with XYZ dealer.
Continuing to ignore warnings by mods and admins will result in a suspension. Attempts to re-register under another username are against the agreement you acknowleged when you joined, and will result in increasing suspension length, up to and including permanent ban.

It is obvious you are not here to help us get more information, or discuss the Saturn Sky or provide assistance in understanding the complexities of ordering and buying cars - your primary motivation is to sell the handful of SKY's you have.

It is not appropriate to use the Private Message system to circumvent the rules regarding posting, either.

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