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VUETH1S said:
This is basically stolen from another poster, but check out the prices on autotrader for slightly used Solstices, mostly 20 - a few hundred miles. Many are $25-27,000 and up.

Also check out the V8 Solstice for $59,000. Within 200 miles of my zip there are 52 Solsti for sale with an average used price above the msrp. these appear to be mostly dealers. Wonder if the seller's market will dry up soon, or if the introduction of the Sky will have any impact on the used Solstice market?

Try & you will be amazed how many there are available on the Auto Trader in Canada it's nuts. I am sure hoping there will not be any SKY's on there a few months after they come out because we have all waited for them for so long to finally arrive & we all deserve to drive them ourselves, not giving them away just to make a few extra dollars...
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