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Solstice Meets Sky

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On Sat. I meet up with BiGDog from the Sky forum.:thumbs: We meet below Mt Diablo and admired each others cars. I've never seen the Sky up close and personal until then. I must say It is a beautiful car :yesnod: Had there been no Solstice I would definitely have bought a Sky. There really are no body skins that are the same but still holds a classic roadster look of its own. For me I feel that I made the right choice but you know, it's like arguing over what flavor of ice cream is better…and I prefer the verities of life

As a Mercedes owner GM is turning my head with this new approach, they even got me to buy one which I prefer to drive, as the 15K miles would attest.

Good job GM

Thanks BigDog

The slide show of our cars is on scroll to the bottom and select the Solstice Meets Sky icon once in you may set the screen size for you viewing (below the movie bar at the bottom)

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Tell me you can't tell that these car's are sister's.
deluke said:
Tell me you can't tell that these car's are sister's.
GM's Super Model Sister's :cheers:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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