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Maybe it was on the other post, the video on how to remove and disassemble the cup holder device. Somehow, someone had forced my cup holder in about an inch on both ends. After pushing in several directions, I did get it in position to remove entirely from the console. In the process the half-circle piece did come completely off. It does NOT appear that it has broken away, but that is my opinion.

Next, per the video, I attempted taking the three screws out of the bottom side. Two screws would come out, but the third would NOT give up the chase. It appears the screws are Phillips heads; however, I wasn't exactly sure. Let me know if a different bit needs to be used.

Of course until I can get the assembly apart, it is uncertain what piece is needed NOR certain a fix is possible until the unit comes apart.

Riven02, any ideas on what I'm up against?

One comment, as delicate as these little guys are and out of the sight of the driver can occur, I've coached my wife to not use it. However, suspicions are I failed to counsel one of my buddies and possibly why I found it pushed completely into the console. Other than not being able to disassemble the unit, it appears the half circle piece may be OK, but just became unattached. ??? Maybe some penetrating oil would convince that screw to give up the hunt. LOL :willy:
Mine does not have phillips screws. It has torx screws. And the piece that breaks is the end of the plastic frame around the circular arm that the arm slides into. I am working on repairing mine with aluminum flashing and epoxy.
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