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Delnari said:
Any Speed TV fans out there? Last night on Sports Car Revolution program they finished the show with a track run of the Pontiac Solstice. A professional driver, Chip Herr ran the Solstice through it's paces on the track. One interesting feature he pointed to was the ease to step the rear out and how easy if was to snap it back in. He compared this being like a small Corvette. He added that he believe it wouldn't be long before someone would stuff a V8 into it, and the car would be really sick! :willy:

I guess he is not a reader on either the Solsticeforum or Skyroadster sites. :lol:
Bummmer I missed it!!
Got Speed on now finishing watching the AMA Superstock motorcycle races in Daytona (my sister is in the infield watching it live!) Way to go Hayden's. and Go Miguel.. in the Superbike...beat Matt for me!!!
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