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I have a T-mobile sync-drive. It records gas mileage on every trip.

It tells me I'm getting 29-31 MPG on the highway.

And this is far from the 19.8 I average in the dash cluster.

On short trips though - the drive will show get 14 MPG.

But ah, the average isn't 19.8. It's higher.

Now I've had the sync drive for a year or so. I'm considering discontinuing the service.

It's weird having Google know where I'm at all the time - and by now I know what my mileage is.

Also. Last month I replaced my throttle body....

That resulted in better MPG - but a difference of only 1 or 2 MPG.

The car sounds different though. Ah i'm indifferent about recommending to others to do the same. For me... I'm glad I did.

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How do your mileage readings compare to the old fashioned division of gallons purchased and miles driven? My DIC and my calculator agree to within a few percentage points if I calculate for the same drive period and always fill up at the same pump.

Small changes in the attitude of the car can make noticeable difference in the level of fuel that the pump recognizes as a full tank.
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