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hope to see some SKY in Tahoe!

Hey folks, I just hopped over (& registered) from the Solstice forum (am a Reno, NV member/Sol owner)... & wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to seeing some SKYs at the June WCKCC event in Lake Tahoe!

(after reading a handful of threads... I noticed that there's a little bit of tension in the air between between some Sky & Solstice folks, but rest assured it's certainly not the majority... & almost everyone seems excited to meet their brother & sister Kappa owners!)

If you haven't checked out the links already - hop over & vote on June activities as well...

I'll be in the Deep blue NV Sol, handing out beers to the Sky bretheren... well, as many as I can fit in the trunk anyway. cya in June
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