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Tail of the dragon

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Going to go down and try out the Tail of the Dragon I have heard so much about... it should be fun... I heard they take your picture going through the curves and you can buy copies at the gift shop...
I will let you know
here is their website.
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That's just a normal state/county road? I mean not privately owned, hence free? Sounds like fun. :)
Website says 318 curves in 11 miles, I guess you don't have a chance to see much scenery unless your the passenger:lol: Sounds like a total blast, have fun.
Deals Gap, (the dragon) has been a regular motorcyclist ride for many years, I first rode it in 97 and have been back many times in cars and bikes. It's a real blast, actuallly lots of good roads around there (cherohala skyway on the NC side is as good but much less publicised.

The original deals gap place (crossroads of time motel and gas station) is on the NC side just at the start junction 129 and 28. They sell shirts stickers etc. Have a tree there with bits and pieces of the multitudes of crashed bikes over the years.

Best time to run the gap is midweek or EARLY on weekend mornings this time of year, after 9 or 10 am place is packed. has a photog up there every weekend, you can log on to the site and day you were there and likely find one or two shots.

I was up there 3 weeks ago, approx 12 elises in our group. A real blast.

the road is US Hwy 129. It's free.

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You will have a blast, I did it years ago on my motorcycle. No photographs then unless your buddy took them. Be sure and let us know how it goes. :thumbs:
didn;t get to go

We didn;t get to go to the dragon today, My wife was not feeling well so i did not want to be that far away, so we stayed on some of the curvy roads around close to home... we still had a blast...
maybe next time my son comes up we can go.... until then 8000 miles and still smiling!!!
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