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2007 Saturn Sky Base, Chili Pepper Red
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Hi all,

Tomorrow is the big day when I take possession of my new Sky. I haven't signed any papers at the dealership yet for them, so what things should I take before I sign off on it and take final possession of it? I did buy this online from a dealership 3h away (it was a decent deal, and I was able to trade in a vehicle I never drive for it), so I haven't even driven it yet.

Other than obvious things (milkshake in the oil, no check engine lights, etc.), are there Sky-specifc things I should review? In reading, making sure the body panels are damaged is one (from improper lifting), but what else should I check?

It's coming from a reputable Honda dealership, so I'm not expecting any show stoppers. It's only had one owner, so again I'm assuming they took care of it. Also, it wouldn't pass safety with any check engine light, so not worried there either (it has 114k km on it too, so relatively low mileage). But it is an investment, so I want to make absolute sure it's in good condition before I sign off on it.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Well your passion for the purchase is genuine- enjoy the moment.
Some keys things that stood out for me, as we all have had this excitement
for new wheels for me syndrome.

I haven't signed on the dotted line yet- from a dealership that I saw the Sky online and
is 3 hours away more or less and I haven't driven it yet.
It's an investment until proven otherwise.
Typo error- 114k low mileage? 11k or 14k is little wear & tear for a
12-13 year old used car.

Options available to you at this point are many. It's good you're doing pre- purchase
due diligence info awareness about our gem.
Much knowledge here on this forum, many different points of view from our owner's club.
Stock to Mod- DD, 2nd car weekend fun, track day special the Kappa can check all of
these categories for the owner/operator experience level depending on the budget available.

Search Community bar- is useful for items not listed on current topics of discussion.
I have used this feature many times, myself. Before I bought mine, new ownership mode,
long term maintenance issues, it can be helpful to the new owner.
Check for Rob the Elders list- 46 items give or take to look at.

One owner- check maintenance history.
Dealer check list- Car Fax. Visual inspection/auditory feedback- it's still your money
at this point until you sign the paperwork here.

Ground up, bumper to bumper, side view mirror to side view mirror, engine bay,
top operation, interior condition. Mechanical or Cosmetic in the first year of ownership.

Tires might look new but could be old as dirt here. Rubber compound breaks down with age.
Battery how old is it? Is it OEM original? If replaced- when was this done?
Our Top- our motor and body panels imo are the BIG 3 to deal with for a roadster
that is sorta impractical as a DD but can be done- weekends full of smiles worth.
NO trunk space- did you buy it for trunk space or to carve up some twisty sections of asphalt?

As a 4 cylinder it will get good MPG depending on the current gas prices and it goes like
stink too when you push it. The right foot pedal matters.
Body shops visits are always fun- sometimes they are expensive too just say'n.

IF you pull the trigger the drive home from the dealer could change your perception
of whether you made the right choice or not. Did you smile a lot? During this trip was
the car & you sorta the center of attention from the masses? Bang for buck for the
short term excitement vs long term enjoyment and any investment value that might occur?
Checking any or all of these boxes off your list will be your clue.

Good luck with this process-


2007 Saturn Sky Base, Chili Pepper Red
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Thanks for the help. Scarlett was in almost perfect condition (a small crack on the (p)leather of the center console, but nothing major). Chatham Honda did a phenomenal job of getting her checked out and ready for the 250 mile journey home. :)

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