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Tentative Release Date Leaked?!?

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A certain automobile magazine has a contest where they are giving away a Saturn Sky as the grand prize (I would tell you which mag, but that would lower my already miniscule chances of winning :D ). According to the official rules, the grand prize winner should expect delivery of said automobile on or around 4/3/06. Wonder if this date is realistic or even accurate. Has my hopes higher because that would make an awesome b-day gift to myself even if it came a week early! :D
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welcome to the forum dgusa!

you wouldnt happen to be talking about the MPH magazine, would you? they are giving away a sky, and come to think of it, im pretty sure that was brought up about a month ago somewhere on the site. you should do a search on here and see what people said.

honestly, nobody knows the exact date of release, however it is said to be roughly late winter or spring of 2006, and the magazine did say "around" that date, so thats roughly the time period to look for it.
Yeah, I posted that when I posted the scans of the magazine last month.
Welcome to the forums though!!!
Dang... must have missed that one. Well there goes the odds! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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