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First I would like to thank the Saturn dealer in Pensacola Florida for opening up on a SUNDAY morrning so I could test drive the SKY......thats call service....The SKY...everything but spoiler...silver Pearl..and my Chrome wheels:lol: Black leather....Just so you know were I'm coming from, I have a 2001 Miata, and have owned 240Z, Saab Sonite, MG, TR3A, and AH 100-6 so I love roadsters....I was able to drive the SKY for 30 to 45 min I did not keep track of the time far to much fun, I also have test driven a Sol, so I was looking to compar the two...

1. This car is tight, really tight. the ride was much above the SOL..any bumps in the road were very hard in the SOL in the SKY they were felt but not bad..steering fast, easy to go around crap in the road..

2. No problems with the inst. could see all of them. stereo vol worked as posted, XM was very good no background noise. I like the Monsoon, took cd of MP3's work with no skips...

3. Finish in side was far above the SOL and Miata..the shine black plastic had to get use to that..minor...can't rase seat, but other adj were good for me (5ft 10in 190) seats had all the suport any one could want. Wife liked the cup holder in her side (like she's ever going to have a drink in my car).

4. She also talk about a place for her feet on the dash, I'll fix that idea later.

5. The sound of the car was like my old AH 100-6 deep and strong very happy with that, Power was more on the line of the TR3A, but for a few dollars I can pull 200-205 out of the 2.4l with little work..

6. In all this SKY is far better that I was expecting, Body finish was perfect and it even looks great with the top up...would not have any other car thats out on the market, and this is our 36 anniversary Apirl 11th my wife told me I can have any car I want (she trashed my 240Z in 1970 2 week old..) regardless what it cost....sorry I'm writing fast Have two stores to get open by 12....seal9:cheers: :willy: :willy: :willy:
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